What We Do

Ways We Help:

  • Supplement Income
  • Protect the family home (mortgage etc.)
  • Educate dependents
  • Health Insurance / Nursing Home / Convalescent Care
  • Insurance Premia
  • Once off expenses (Christmas etc.)

The Process

Every case is slightly different and each will warrant an appropriate response.  It may be quicker to ascertain the urgency of the problem and the needs of the individual via telephone.   All approaches to the Society are treated with respect and in the utmost confidence.  Within reason, as much information as possible is gathered about the degree of urgency of the situation, what the actual need might be and the circumstances of the individual concerned.  All information tendered will be of assistance in this assessment.  Should there be a need for ongoing support it will be necessary to have completed a Money Advice and Budgeting Service Form  https://www.idbs.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/mabs-budget-sheet.pdf which details the income and expenditure of the individual and will be used as an objective assessment tool.  In addition, third parties such as accountants, solicitors or known and trusted colleagues may be contacted, always and only  with the permission of the applicant and always in confidence.  There may be occasions where it may be necessary to visit an applicant in order to gain greater insight into the prevailing circumstances.

How are we funded?

We are funded mainly through annual contributions by Standing Order from individual dentists. We also receive occasional bequests and once-off donations from individuals, Irish Dental Association Branches and various dental societies.

Whilst we are very grateful for the generosity of our colleagues, we are very conscious that only about 10% of dentists donate to our Society.

Our aim is to improve on this.

Our ability to help people is limited by our finite resources. These need to be maintained to ensure that we can continue to support colleagues in difficulty especially in these challenging times. We are particularly anxious that dentists who have qualified within the last 20 years become contributors to our Society. We are also asking existing donors, to whom we are so grateful, to review their contributions.